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About Cedars Consulting Group

Cedars Consulting Group was founded on the principle that every decision and every project a company engages in should be pursued from the standpoint of increasing value. We've seen companies overcomplicate issues, wasting money and more importantly, time-resources, when the answer is quite clear when viewed from a data-driven and unbiased perspective. It is our mission at CCG to work with entrepreneurs and executives to maximize the value they deliver to their customers and to their employees. With core service offerings in strategy, process optimization, and cloud-technology development & implementation, we offer a full suite of services to take you across the lifecycle of your project or venture.

Meet The Team

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." --Henry Ford


Matt Drum, Founding Partner

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An engineer and MBA by education, and an entrepreneur by heart, Matt has helped several advanced-technology startups find and implement solutions and growth strategies, and has been involved with starting and growing small businesses and innovative startups since high school.  He has optimized complex engineering systems and business processes leading to cost savings worth millions of dollars per year for his clients.  He has a passion for ambitious ventures that break the status quo.  Outside of his day job, you might find him hiking the ridge at Taos Ski Valley, modifying (read "breaking") automobiles, or spending quality time with his wife and two daughters.  


Lee DeFrates, General Partner

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Lee DeFrates is a tenured sales professional and cloud technology consultant with experience leading operational change across multiple industries and verticals including solar, manufacturing, hospitality, commercial construction, financial tech., and more. He has led complex technology integration projects involving interdepartmental stakeholder alignment, as well as driven organizational change through process automation and application development. Lee is passionate about startups with experience helping numerous startups scale, and loves getting involved in helping other entrepreneurs within the community. When he's not in the office you might find him cooking or playing tennis.

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