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The Risk of Missed Opportunity

"Minimizing risk" is a half-baked goal.

I've worked with consultants in various industries who will only make a recommendation that results in zero risk for them, even if that recommendation means zero gain for you (if they make a recommendation at all). I don't blame them though. After all, if you're being paid hourly, you have no incentive for your client to succeed, just an incentive for them to not fail.

Newsflash, you're always safer by just not doing business at all. There is no risk if you simply give up before things get out of hand and you actually accomplish anything. If you don't want to get hit by a car, never cross the street; stay home.

Stop thinking in terms of "no risk", and start thinking in terms of calculated risks. If you win, you will have taken risks.

Start considering the risk of missed opportunity.

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